Hygiene, Freshness and Protection

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Avoid strong soaps

Regular soaps tend to have a high pH and using them to clean the vaginal area can cause disturb the natural vaginal environment. As an alternative, cleanse your intimate area with water and a specialized solution with a balanced pH such as Lemisol. Never use soaps inside the vagina. This will help you maintain a stable vaginal pH.

Beware of douching

Avoid cleansing the vagina using solutions containing vinegar or baking soda. These solutions are intended to reduce vaginal odor, but in fact, can make it worse. This is because they also eliminate the beneficial bacteria in your system, which affects the balance of vaginal pH and can make you more prone to infections.

Take a prebiotic supplement

Prebiotic supplements help restore the body's natural bacteria levels. Some foods also contain prebiotics, including yogurt, miso, and kombucha.

Changing tampons regularly

Leaving a tampon on for too long can increase the vaginal pH since the pH of blood is slightly basic. Also, changing tampons frequently reduces the risk of bacterial infections, including toxic shock syndrome (TSS).